Matt Citron Speaks on the Price of Fame on “All That I Need”

We’ve all heard the brighter side to the success stories of rappers making good and getting picked up by major labels, but Atlanta rapper Matt Citron bares it all in his track “All That I Need” as he looks at the lonelier side of his ride to fame.

Story | Zara Hurtado

Citron reflects on the pain of lingering on relationships he used to have, with lines like:

“I guess these memories been getting to me/I learned my lesson about reminiscing/I’m missing too much”

The track traces his steps to his newfound fame from “writing raps on a bus” at 17 to booking flights at JFK, all the while adjusting to all the new attention. Catapulting to fame like this doesn’t come without its own problems. With lyrics that are heartbreakingly honest, Citron addresses an unnamed lover and the struggles they went through in pursuit of his dreams:

“You feel you’re growing distant from the ones you been trying your best to do this for/ There’s times I look at myself and I wonder who’s it for.”

“All That I Need” shows us that the rise to fame won’t always be easy. Often times it will be lonely, complicated and trying on relationships, but as Kiya Lacey soulfully sings in the chorus, maybe all that one needs is for someone to say “I will always be here and I ain’t never giving up.”

Listen to more of Citron’s latest music off his new album Final Moments of Forever here.

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