SpiffyUNO Assembles Earth’s Mightiest Flows on “MARVELous” Record

Between the old timers and the millennials, Hip Hop is arguably in the casket and in need of some saving. Who’s to answer the call? SpiffyUNO answers by dropping his appropriately titled track ‘MARVELous’ just in time for Marvel’s latest box office hit Doctor Strange.

Story | Adam Douglas

The Builders International artist unleashes his super powers on the rap game, name dropping heroes and villains alike from the pages of Marvel Comics. This track is packed with punch lines that crack a smile on the face of any comic book enthusiast:

“This nigga trippin’, untied shoelace,
Big black thang on my waist I call it Luke Cage,
His work prove why he the best so don’t ask him,
My team is up like the fist on the Black Panther”

Produced by LA based beatmaker SoundsByKrock, “MARVELous” captures the essence of a comic book by sampling a grandiose string section straight out of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

As per usual, the South Central prodigy doesn’t fail to bring the lyrics to compliment the song’s production. With ruthless delivery and clever wordplay, every bar of the track references a Marvel character in a creative fashion, definitely worthy of a RapGenius decipher:

“Don’t get me started on these other niggas,
See that’s The Thing I’m way harder than these other niggas”

So think you know your Marvel history? Listen and test your inner geek to see if you can catch them all.

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