Bay Area Powerhouses Collide | “Get It Back” by Marty Grimes & Clyde Carson

One of the best occurrences in music is when classic artists ride with the new wave. Two artists we’ve had on The Lunch Table, who are both native to the Bay Area, known as Marty Grimes and Clyde Carson, join forces on “Get It Back” to flex on everybody. Marty is continuing the momentum from having just released his project Cold Pizza, while Clyde is reminding folks he’s back from his mid-2017 album Something to Speak About 2.

Get It Back” is similar to Jidenna’s Boomerang EP as it represents their relevancy in the game. Though many people are on this “New Year/New Me” hype, Marty and Clyde keep making the same moves and only get better at it. Think of this collaboration as a cold pizza in your fridge; though you bought it yesterday, it’s still good (and possibly tastes even better) today.

Though we get Marty spitting encapsulating bars from the jump, “I’m pulling up, I’m not pulling out”, what’s interesting about this record is Clyde switching up his game. In the second stanza of his verse you’ll notice Carson rhyming in triplets – a rhyming pattern that’s extremely popular amongst trap/mumble rappers. You’re scratching your head and asking why, but the simple answer is this: because Clyde is working with Marty Grimes (an artist popular amongst this new era of rappers), he notices that the best way to add a new group of listeners to his audience is to be himself and mixing it with contemporary familiarity. Genius.

Hopefully this isn’t the last collaboration between the two Bay Area powerhouses. Check out Marty Grimes‘ Cold Pizza on Apple MusicSpotify, and Amazon Music.

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