Marty Grimes is “All Good” with Family and Bay Area Living

If you’re looking for a laid back region that still gets more turnt than most major cities in the world, you want to be in the Bay Area. Marty Grimes, rapper from Berkeley, California, perfectly exemplifies Bay Area living on his track “All Good” while also paying homage to his day ones.

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Quite different from the hyphy-inspired tracks he’s accustomed to promoting, Marty Grimes pushes a mellow sound on his leading 2017 single from his upcoming project Martyjuana. Though the overall instrumentation isn’t a club banger, it’s certainly a perfect fit for the road that may even get Bay Area heads reminiscing on mid-2000s tracks with his subtle-bass beat and contagious chorus:

“Catch me and my fam ridin’ round/Feelin’ like we up there in the clouds, so you know it’s all good/It’s all good”

Throughout the track, Marty Grimes mentions his ‘fam’ – day one homies and family – have been there with him throughout the success of his career. Although his rise to the spotlight has been proliferating as of lately, on account of him recently opening up for Lil Wayne, 2 Chainz, and Juvenile to name a few, he humbly gives thanks to those who raised him and uses this track a reminder that he’s not forgotten about who he was before ‘Marty Grimes’.

This is what makes Marty special. Many rappers ‘put on for their city’ and rationalize its greatness through its environment and economics. However, the few like Grimes tell us their city’s greatness comes from their personal experiences, and the stories they’ve constructed from as far back as they can remember. It makes Marty Grimes look like an everyday human being, someone we all can relate to.

2017 is looking promising for the Berkeley rapper, and with rumors of his project Martyjuana dropping soon there’s no telling how far he’ll push the envelope for the remainder of the year.

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