Mariella Angela Teases New Book, Clothing Line of Hip Hop Icons

You may know Mariella Angela as the self-taught oil painter who’s garnered massive attention across the hip hop community through her portraits. Evidently, those portraits translated into posters and stickers, and is now materializing into a book containing nearly every piece since 2014.

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Only in her mid-twenties, Mariella‘s work has been featured on The Hundreds, Coveteur, and most recently, Hypebeast for her astounding paintings on hip hop artists from as far back as Mobb Deep, Outkast and Lauryn Hill, to Tyler, the Creator, Frank Ocean and Kodak Black. Though her work is never bias towards a particular sub-genre in hip hop, her motive to paint comes and goes just as the trends within the culture. She’ll go on a painting-less streak for months to find herself purging those months’ work in a week.

“No one knew I haven’t been able to pick up a paint brush in months and that I would freak out because I couldn’t do something I did every day that I absolutely love”

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So what’s this book all about? A painter’s form of expression transpires on the canvas including its size, choice of color, stroke direction, depth, and so on. In Mariella’s case, she’s found difficulty searching for the perfect words to describe what’s going on in her mental canvas. Essentially, her book will consist of all her work since her humble beginning, but will also include a series of quotes deriving from her interviews and personal thoughts.

Mariella Angela will officially release her book at ComplexCon 2017 from November 4th-5th in Long Beach, California. Additionally, she’s working on a clothing line and is teasing pillows in the shape of rappers’ heads.

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