When R&B and Poetry Collide: Introducing Marco McKinnis

What do R&B legends Chris Brown, D’Angelo, Trey Songz, and Pharrell Williams have in common? They developed their ear from the same folk, brass and blues roots within the state of Virginia. Stemming from Hampton, Virginia comes R&B singer Marco McKinnis who advocates soul, authenticity and pure emotion with every track. His rise in the industry led to music with New York MC’s Skizzy Mar and Stro, and U.K.’s teenage lover boy Rex Orange County.

Story | Matthew Gonzalez

His latest single “Middle Of The Party” takes on darker, mellower melodies to describe the moment McKinnis encountered someone who piqued his interest during the night.

However, Marco’s sound isn’t specifically specialized with the darker sounds of the genre. Below are three records with Rex, Skizzy Mar, and Stro that allow you to experience relaxation and jumpiness simultaneously.

Aside from musical aspirations, this lyricist of love practices poetry in his free time. He pushes roughly 1-minute poems on Soundcloud. What’s different about the Virginia-bred poet is that artists generally use poems and/or snippets of conversations as interludes within their albums, whereas McKinnis allows his work to stand on its own.

With lyrics relating to the emotional trauma of heartbreak, searching for love on the dancefloor and the ambiguity love as an emotion, Marco is definitely someone to keep an eye and ear on for 2018.

To listen to more of his poems you can follow his other page listed here.

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