Feel Immeasurable ‘Nostalgia’ from the 90s Because of MarcLo

Anyone who has ever taken a walk down memory lane knows that nostalgia can be one hell of a trip. Los Angeles-based musician MarcLo aims to take listeners on this sonic time traveling journey with his new Nostalgia EP.

Story | Ricky Rodas

Released on September 28th, the 7-track EP channels 90’s R&B and dance while crooning about good times from past to present. Its production is clearly rooted in MarcLo’s influences, yet doesn’t feel outdated. The ‘son of a preacherman’ transforms sounds of the past into something both familiar and brand new.

For example, the lead single “SWNGN” remixes Montell Jordan’s timeless record “This is How We Do It” (1995) over a reinvigorating, futuristic beat. Synonymously, “M I A” takes from “Push the Feeling On (The Dub of Doom)” (1992) by Nightcrawlers, which was previously sampled in Pitbull’s “Hotel Room Service” (2009).

Lyrically, the nostalgia theme is expressed in very vulnerable moments. In the closing track “Back2mystudio”, Lo soulfully laments a past relationship while relating it to the 1985 Emmy Award-winning The Cosby Show:

“She thought by now we’d be the Huxtables but it didn’t go that way/ no Theo, no Rudy, no Lisa Bonet but I am sincere when I pray/ Father let her find what I can’t supply, I was selfish I can’t deny/ and every time you wanted my time, like 6 out of 9 I would reply: I have to go to back to my studio tonight.”

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According to a post on his Instagram page promoting the EP, Lo began working on this project in 2016. “I took my time to write and produce this project. I wanted to bring back good vibes that we haven’t felt in a long minute,” Lo wrote. “I wanted to channel the innocence of youth and reminisce on a time when we weren’t too cool to swing. I couldn’t be more proud to share this full listening experience with y’all.”

Nostalgia is available to stream on Apple Music, Tidal, and Spotify.

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