Mannywellz talks “Alright” Rendition, Birth into Music, Optimism, & More!

I received an email stating that I should consider watching this performance of an artist that goes by the name Mannywellz. Immediately, I was struck by the way the name ‘Mannywellz’ rolled off my tongue. But what enticed me to watch the video was the fact he was performing a rendition to arguably Kendrick Lamar’s most inspirational song from To Pimp A Butterfly: “Alright.”

Story | Nico Blitz || Photos – via Kierra Felton

I was stunned to find how Kendrick’s powerful, up tempo, crowd-gathering song could be transformed into a soulful, mellow, and still, crowd-gathering song. At that point, I knew Mannywellz was someone I wanted to know; someone who I felt had the ability to inspire movements through his music. Just as his name indicates, Mannywellz has the power to dig deep — like a well — into his soul, where you’ll feel like you’re wearing the same shoes he is. With that being said, my interview with Mannywellz is one that tampers with all his emotions: the good, the funny, the sad, and the darkness. But like all wells, there’s something at the bottom that’s worth acquiring if you’re willing to work for it.

Mannywellz Interview
Photo via Kierra Felton

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