Mannywellz talks SoulFro: Fusion of Afro Elements, Hip Hop & Soul

Mannywellz is a frequent feature on The Lunch Table due to his multifaceted abilities as a musician. In 2016, Emmanuel made noise across the web with his rendition to Kendrick Lamar’s infamous song “Alright”. He’s then released videos of his production sessions, and captured ears and hearts with singles like “Wrong Place” and “Watermelon“, with one heart residing in Jidenna‘s team. As an artist with unmatched music, Manny was able to tour with Jidenna during his 2017 Long Live the Chief tour and made an impression as he spiked in followers with every show – making fans sing back to his renditions and own music. Now, Mannywellz starts off 2018 with his SoulFro EP and let’s us into his life as a son of God.

The 7-track EP is everything you’d expect from Manny, but nothing that you’d expect from your typical rising artist. From the first listen you’ll immediately think that Wellz is talking about his problematic life between him and an ex-lover. However, listen closely to the metaphors and realize that SoulFro is a battle between himself, and his relationships with God and the devil.

He starts off the EP with his million-streamed song “Wrong Place“, which means the remaining six songs only get better. Manny claims that “Do Not Disturb” is his favorite song, and though it sounds like a love/hate song, it’s actually Manny explaining that he’s shutting Lucifer from his life.

Afterwards, the self-labeled OuuLaLa King adds another ad-lib to his repertoire on “Yeoo“. In an age where social media, electronics, materialistic things, and progressiveness rules the world, Manny relates each of these aspects to tools of slavery. Essentially, we’ve become slaves to our everyday needs, but forget that love is the one necessity we avoid sharing and receiving. And with “Yeoo” having a more soulful approach than the other records, it becomes more contagious to sing once the chorus hits; a similar situation that comes to fruition with his hit single “Watermelon“.

Manny knowingly made these two records with the idea of receptiveness. Both songs are easy to memorize amongst the rest, which increases the rate of his fans (and new-coming fans) to repeat the lyrics (which will be especially ironic for “Watermelon” considering it’s a song about betrayal).

Mannywellz - The Lunch Table
Photo by: Cara Gonzales

The remaining songs on SoulFro actually deal with Manny’s relationship with God. While “Hand of God” tells the story of his mother fighting through illness and miraculously obtaining the funds to nurture her to full-health, “No I Don’t” explains the human psyche of only calling on God when we’re in need of help. But he quickly turns the table on the dancehall-like song “Hands Up” and announces his praise all day, everyday.

From the jump, Mannywellz may seem like another artists who’s only interest is talking about love. Realistically, he is talking about love, but not in the way of a lover. His relationship with God is the staple for his music from his ritualistic prayers before every show, to making his God-centric SoulFro EP. If Mannywellz isn’t on your playlist, do yourself a favor and put him on for the sake of revitalizing your soul.

Stay tuned for upcoming tour dates of Mannywellz.

Mannywellz - The Lunch Table
Photo by: Cara Gonzales

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