Maesu Provides Unparalleled Futuristic R&B Record on ‘Left You’

R&B is constantly evolving. Starting off in the 50s as a genre known for its soulful, rhythmic, jazzy tunes is now a sound that provides futuristic electronic rhythms, a spark of new age soul, and sensual tension which keeps the heart beating at a constant rate. Listening to ‘Left You’ by Maesu, is the epitome of what futuristic R&B sounds like.

Story | Nico Blitz

Image | via Earmilk

Maesu is a Los Angeles-based future beat vocalist sneakily making his way through an uncommonly touched genre. Though his touch on the music looks to calmly extract the sensual, and most truthful beings within our souls. The Koyo-produced record is Maesu‘s confession of emotional disconnection between him and his lover — a feeling we’ve all been through at least once in our lives.

What makes this track powerful is the truthfulness we get from the songwriter. It’s strays away from the typical topics of today’s R&B, and focuses on his story of dis-attachment, portrayed in lyrics like:

“I let you down, with all your love/ Still couldn’t find new ways that I could care/ I left you now, wasted time/ Don’t lie and tell me you might not love again/ Cus I know how it feels, and I might not love again”

Nowadays, mainstream R&B is filled with sex, and nothing but sex. Sex in music sells like Pornhub to frequent users, but nowhere along the line will it provide longevity (with the exception of Trey Songz, who is arguably the father of modern R&B’s sexually based content).

Maesu provides a different element to the table. From his unique voice, clear-cut choice of content, and a sound that isn’t currently the most popular to mainstream music, he’s well on his way to become a true force if he keeps it up.

‘Left You’ is a preview of Maesu’s upcoming EP deSerVe. Stay tuned for a release date.

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