Phay’s “Lovely” New Track that Samples Stevie Wonder

Hip Hop has arguably become one of the most diverse genres in this day and age. What makes Hip Hop so lovely and diverse is not only the wide variety of topics available or the intense rhyme schemes, but the power of sampling that has been embedded deep in its roots.

Atlanta, GA rapper Phay flexes his versatility on “Lovely” by taking advantage of the power of sampling and flipping Stevie Wonder’s classic “Isn’t She Lovely”:

Story | Adam Douglas

“Isn’t she lovely,
Isn’t she wonderful,
Isn’t she precious,
Less than a minute old”

Produced by Rascal, “Lovely” showcases the rapper’s ability to keep a consistent flow and delivery. Throughout the track Phay goes bar for bar using a persistent rhyming pattern:

“I don’t wanna boast but I do the most ha,
I don’t even drank but I do the toast ha,
Twenty-four but I ride 24’s ha,
Phay bout to hit em with the Luda flow”

Aside from the song’s Stevie Wonder sample, Phay continues to pay homage to the oldies through his lyrics by name dropping several throwback artists such as R. Kelly, Nelly and Ludacris. By doing this it continues to give the track the old school vibe that was surely intentioned:

“They gon’ be poppin that Cris,
R. Kelly in this bitch,
Come here boo gimme kiss (muah)
Like Nelly in this bitch”

Although “Lovely” appears to be attached to no upcoming project, Phay is gearing up to release his 14 track album Mama which will feature his mother as the album’s narrator and follow the Atlanta rapper on his quest for happiness.

Be sure to keep up with Phay by following him on social media as Mama appears to be dropping sometime in the future.

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