Love Slacker | Yeek’s definition of love, lust and romance in 10 tracks


Los Angeles-based Sebastian Carandang better known as Yeek, released his album Love Slacker on October 12, 2015. The experimental artist has a unique sound that surrounds topics of romance, love and lust.

Story: Matthew Gonzalez | @not_matthew


His influence for this album comes from funk music, 90’s hip-hop culture and 90’s American Punk culture, which consist of 10 tracks with no features.

After hearing the intro “Flowers”, Yeek sets a theme about the issue of human interaction and the desire for romance for the proceeding songs on the album.

The album later arrives to “Come Back”, which reflects the issue of love and gives an ode to lost love. It describes the emotions on feeling as if you were on a one sided relationship, while reflecting the viewpoint on wishing to change the past:

Sometimes, I wonder, wonder how you been babe/I had to run away for reasons I couldn’t say/But now I regret it, all the words I held in/Now my heart is meltin’/Lost a piece of heaven/If you decide you want me back…/Then I’ll come back

The song “Entries” emphasizes the need of human interaction by re-enacting someone writing in a personal journal entry and the emotions of depression that follows the wishing of having more connection:

Cause wakin’ up gets hard to do without you here/Wakin’ up gets hard to do without you, dear/You took my soul & swallowed me whole/I don’t miss you. I miss somebody else, god damn


Portraying lust can be heard in “I’m Not Ready”, which describes everyday hook ups and the concept of having ‘fun’ instead of relating love.

Never seen a girl twerk to Fall Out Boy/She a lonely girl with all them toys/Never seen a girl twerk to dashboard/Confession: I wanna see that ass more

The album ends with the song Love Can Be which explains the emotions of heartbreak, loneliness and fear of vulnerability when searching for a romantic partner.

Feel my heart beating? You beat me up in my chest/Got an evil smile but it draws me in like a sketch/I’ve felt love before/Whats the definition? It’s death


The message of the album was about self-love, physical attraction and emotional connection, with a variety of different styles that get this message across. In particular “Like A God” has a “hip-hopish” vibe with the strokes sounding guitar rifts.

The album is something that you wont hear on the radio or a party, considering its awkward and weird sound that doesn’t fit any particular genre of music, but somehow touches them all.

Even the album art alone looks as if it is an artistically crumbled up pink paper.

I personally have been a fan of him since his first EP, but after listening to his newer songs it gives me a whole new experience on what he wants to pursue as an artist. This album feels as if it has the most relatable lyrics and connection to the audience.

For more on Yeek, visit his Soundcloud.

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