Vinyl art through the eyes and ears of Louie Sim

The hand painted Vinyl Collection Series No. 1 is a showcase of the intricate, Hip-Hop inspired artwork that takes us into the confines of the unpredictably creative mind of San Francisco native Louie Sim.


Story | Nico Blitz

Artwork | Louie Sim Art

Sim’s inspiration derives from a bit of everything in his past to now. Growing up, he enjoyed reading both Marvel and DC comics, and listening to a wide range of old school Hip-Hop musicians such as J. Dilla, Peanut Butter Wolf, and Madlib/Quasimoto.


As far as this new generation of musicians, his muse emanates from Hip-Hop heavy hitters Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole, and contemporary throwback artist Leon Bridges.


“Certain pieces do reflect music and the emotions and feelings tied to styles and vice versa. If I’m working with a different style, visually it might be easier to get a flow going listening to a certain genre.”


Instrumentals assist Sim in creating the final product of his work. Depending on what’s being listened to, his work can take a turn from circular shapes to more precise visuals, from natural colors schemes to subtly ostentatious combinations.


“The circles are a more meditative and calming process. Specifically the flower looking one would be more about keeping it geometrically balanced. It’s mandala based and as aesthetically pleasing as it should look. It should still be precise.”

Sim looks to expand his Vinyl Collection Series in the near future by taking apart these four pieces and exploring them in further depth.

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