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The phrase “the grass is greener on the other side” is a partially true statement. The grass may indeed be greener, but no one accounts for the determination, energy, and dedication it takes to make it green, let alone the hardships and obstacles that may prolong the developed coloration. This locution is exemplified from Bay Area Hip Hop artist Lord Morgan‘s latest LP Under My Roof, a tale of his livelihood filled with aspirations, temptations, and dreamy endeavors.

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As his fourth studio album produced by EyyEll, Lord Morgan takes a break from the new wave of Bay Area sounds to a more sentimental, conscious story of what goes on in his side of San Francisco — under his roof. We’re introduced with the first track “Under My Roof (From The Jump)”, which resembles Kris Kross’ 1992 single “Jump”.

Paying attention to the next 4 tracks is critical to learning more about the Chandon Killa’s life. “Candied Yams” is a story telling of Lord Morgan’s aspirations to feed his family, while looking into his love for the game, and his hunger for money and fame. Then he begs the question “what you serve?” throughout the entire song. This question alone sets the trend for the entire album.

From here we learn Lord Morgan’s masters: “Human Error” (Lord Morgan’s decision to serve the money), “Treasure Island” (the decision to serve for the lust of women), and “In Her City” (the decision to serve for the city).

Although he contemplates which direction he will dedicate his purpose to, it’s not enough since the temptation to go beyond the confines of his roof is a step away. “Skyfall” tells us the temptation to find something beyond his initial desires is more plentiful. He then becomes “Mowgli” — the lost kid in a jungle who is “Finding Purpose” in life.

Through being lost, he realizes there are more important things than money, women, and even the city that is the foundation for his roof — exemplified in “More Important Than Varsity”. This is when the final track “The Wolves” brings us back to Lord Morgan’s purpose from “Candied Yams” — being in the rap game in order to feed his family. He comes to terms with the idea that you are either the wolf, or the sheep. The sheep, in terms of rap, may be identified as those who seek monetary payback with a purpose of flaunting and becoming idolized. The wolf may be identified as those who seek monetary payback with a purpose of providing for those who gave to him.

The grass may be greener on the other side, but its a matter of being the one who maintains its rich color or devaluing its worth.

Under My Roof is available on iTunes.

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