Watch Logic Embracing his Ethnicity on ‘Black SpiderMan’ Music Video

As Logic prepares to release his new album Everybody, which is set to release on May 5th, he releases a visual for his standout track ‘Black SpiderMan.’

Story | Adam Douglas

Image | Def Jam / Logic’s Twitter

“Baby Jesus was black, baby Jesus had dreads/ SpiderMan should be black/ I vote for Glover instead”

The visual opens with Logic riding on a float through a suburban neighborhood accompanied by a piano and full on choir. With a feature from Damian Lemar Hudson on the tracks chorus, Logic goes in over gospel inspired production addressing the issue of race and his own ethnicity, unashamed of his biracial background:

“Listen, I ain’t ashamed to be white, I ain’t ashamed to be black/ I ain’t ashamed of my beautiful Mexican wife as a matter of fact/ I know you fuckin with that”

The visual’s transition from the sunny suburbs to the moonlit city streets reflects the concept behind Logic’s album: “being black and white and seeing life from both sides.” Logic has been vocal about his biracial background in the past and continues to do so by making it the theme of his next album and embracing it with pride.

“Black is beautiful (black is beautiful)/ Be black and proud (be black and proud)/ Fuck everybody hating on me right now I’m black and proud”

‘Black Spider-Man’ comes in perfect timing with today’s announcement that The Get Down’s Shameik Moore will voice the half-black half-Mexican SpiderMan, Miles Morales, in Sony’s upcoming animated SpiderMan film.

Everybody is set with features from Black Thought, Killer Mike, Khalid and more.

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