Pinpointing Where U.K. Artist Little Simz fits in Your Playlist

For the most part, most of you reading this probably have listened to music from the U.K. (e.g. Kings of Leon, Lorde) but I would assume you don’t listen to European hip hop. That’s where Little Simz comes in.

Story | Sara Loretta

In all honesty I never got into U.K. hip hop until Little Simz was featured on my queen Kehlani’s song ‘Table’. But I think it’s interesting that it’s harder to gain traction for hip hop artists outside the United States despite having worldwide platforms like Spotify and Soundcloud.

‘Table’ is a fun track about being the perfect chill girl, which Simz and Kehlani created while the Bay Area phenom was on tour in London. Little Simz’ feature stood out to me, not only because of her English accent but because she is one of the few female rappers that raps the present; meaning she isn’t focused on being sexy or a savage, but rather is just a human trying to make music about her life.

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The 23-year-old from England has put out four albums in her career and has toured in multiple countries. So why haven’t you heard of her? It’s not because she doesn’t have good beats or quirky lines, it’s because she hasn’t sold herself out for the fame. Simz is personable and interacts with her fanbase regardless of their location (she retweeted me once *fist bump*). Little Simz is an artist with natural talent who can rap about pretty much anything from dead bodies to her neighbor never complaining about Simz’ radio being too loud.

Her track ‘Top Down’ is one of my favorites and can fluidly jump into a playlist filled with 6LACK and Bryson Tiller. The song is a mellow trap type of song that has late night drive jam written all over it.

However, Little Simz can go harder and has proved that in several songs like ‘Picture Perfect’ and ‘Intervention’; a track that fits easily into a playlist filled with Future, because of the club-like bass filled instrumentals.

I had the incredible opportunity to see Little Simz during SXSW 2017 at one of her handful of shows, in a room with maybe 50 people in it. It was an intimate show that ended with Simz in the crowd dancing along with us while she performed. She also performed at the invite-only Fader show, but I think it was way better in the small room at Hotel Van Zandt.

Little Simz is a great artist if you’re looking to expand your hip hop universe because she isn’t instrumentally complex or lyrically depthful. Instead as a listener her tracks are just enjoyable and can be blended with the American artists you hold dear to your mumble rap little heart.

You can find Simz on Twitter, @LittleSimz

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