Linafornia Takes 90s Sampling to Greater Levels

Samplers amongst instrumentalists aren’t difficult to come by, but finding one who supplies a consistent rhythm with varying surprises is a gem amongst them all.

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Introducing Linafornia, instrumentalist and Hip-Hop junkie based in Leimert Park, Los Angeles whose motto is: “flipping samples at my leisure.” With her January 2016 release YUNG – released with Dome of Doom Records – Linafornia sets her pace to become a versatile, phenomenal threat as a sample-instrumentalist.

1. intro [Get Ready!!!!] –0:00–
2. mafmaticbapp –1:22–
3. hi shrimp –3:38–
4. brownies –6:07–
5. nagchampa [in the vortex] / beat F –8:00–
6. wussup (feat. Jack Bastian) –10:44–
7. wetttt –12:55–
8. wrdfrmjazzoh [the oracle] –16:07–
9. Dot Wav (feat. Devi Wonder) –18:18–
10. xtrctions –20:33–
11. rargroovs –23:05–
12. gotchuallinCHECK!!!! –26:35–

YUNG provides us with sounds ranging from Busta Rhymes, early jazz, and especially 90s Hip-Hop. Though the rhythm of all her beats are easy to follow, they leave you with surprises; whether it’s added instruments, variation in drum patterns, or unorthodox noises.

You can instantly find yourself getting lost in freestyles in your head, but at some point you’d to get a full understanding of Linafornia’s style with an emcee. The only track with original lyrics comes from “Dot Wav” featuring Devi Wonder, which is merely a sample of what a rapper can sound like on her music.

With this small sample from Linafornia, it’ll be incredibly difficult to wait for a full-fledged album with emcees on every song; possibly even herself? It’s difficult to gauge how far a beat maker can go since most go for a mainstream sound, so to find an instrumentalist that sticks to Hip-Hop’s roots is rare and worth following.

YUNG is available on all digital retailers including Bandcamp, iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music.

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wussup ft. Jack Bastian


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