Lil Dicky Wakes Up With Chris Brown’s Penis on “Freaky Friday”

Lil Dicky’s comedic mind is unwavering. What makes him especially likable is the fact that he jokes about himself and uses that as firepower. On his 30th birthday, LD pays homage to an early-2000’s favorite movie called Freaky Friday, by remixing the storyline and condensing it into a 4-minute video.

Partnering with Chris Brown on “Freaky Friday“, Lil Dicky and the R&B superstar switch bodies and learn the pros and cons the life of an international black superstar, and a national white rapper who sprinkles comedy in his bars. From verbiage to penis sizes, they find ways to enjoy their newly acquired physiques and take advantage of each other’s specialties over a day:

In the 2003 movie, Anna (Lindsay Lohan) and her mother Tess (Jamie Lee Curtis) switch bodies as the teenager learns about maturity and sexuality much quicker than expected, while her mom relives her teenage years in a different century. Though the general storyline has nothing to do with Dicky or Chris’ situation (or Dicky’s short exploration into the lives of DJ Khaled, Ed Sheeran and Kendall Jenner), the moral stays the same: enjoy and love who you are and every part of it.

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Though Lil Dicky doesn’t take on the role of a conscious rapper, his bars are clever, witty, and they tell stories. He’s definitely not on some ignorant rap, but he’s managed to express life lessons within his comedic ventures, just as the dope comedian he is. For instance in “Save That Money“, he literally talks about saving money and cuts Rich Homie Quan’s verse in half because he couldn’t afford a full feature. The moral of that story? Save some damn money.

Freaky Friday” is a record that allows you to enjoy yourself. Don’t look at social media influencers and superstars and wish you could be them, because at the end of the day, they might just wanna be a regular person like you.

Lil Dicky has not released a full LP since Professional Rapper in 2015. No release dates for his forthcoming album have been released.


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