Leven Kali Flirts with Syd on Their Collaborative Record “Do U Wrong”

Leven Kali does not release new music often, but when he does he does not disappoint. This time around Leven brings on the smooth vocals of The Internet leader formerly known as Syd Tha Kyd. Syd partnered with Leven is a pairing you didn’t know you needed until this track. Their record “Do U Wrong” has the two singing back and forth to each other flirting to each other.

Story | Anthony Carrillo

This is the song you play with your love in the passenger seat as you are heading home from perfect date and but you aren’t ready to end the night; the song you play when you’re way too nervous to make the first move. Simply, categorize this under baby making music.

Baby won’t you let me ride, tell me what you like/ I can’t read your mind as bad as I want to/ I really want you

Hopefully Leven Kali will roll with this momentum and release music more frequently. Until then, you can check out “Do U Wrong” as well as his other songs like “Joy” on his SoundCloud.

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