LEGIT is Keeping Chicago R&B/Soul Alive on ‘Maudlin’

Backed by a house band composed of saxophones, trumpets and drums, Chicago R&B singer LEGIT (@ChicagoLives) brings an older generation’s sound into a mainstream hip hop community today.

Maudlin is an impressive mashup of jazz/soul and modern day lyricism. Throughout each track, a different journey is presented to the audience, from children celebrating to the use of a xylophone and other instrumentation (not historically used in hip hop or R&B, but a new style coming out of Chicago (known as Chi-Pop). It’s curious, if we’d even classify this record as “hip hop” because of the experimental tones, but music of course is always pushing boundaries and we must celebrate Chicago music for it’s progressiveness.

In “Hello My Name Is…”, LEGIT tackles racism by revisiting his slave roots, “your name comes from your great-grandpa / my name comes from racist landlords”, and discusses being hunted similarly to Daffy Duck; praying to not become police prey on “An African American Werewolf in America“. By presenting the inequality conversation in this way, LEGIT is reminding his audience that racism didn’t start in Selma or end with Donald Trump – that we must always look at the bigger picture.

Overall, I think LEGIT is definitely an artist to watch in the coming year to see what wave he makes with this new EP in the community. You can find him at http://chicagolives.net/ and on Twitter @ChicagoLives.

(Photo Courtesy: Facebook, LEGIT)

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