Latrell James Gets Real About Political Contradiction on “Okay”

While it’s no secret that the 2016 election was one of the most vocal times in hip hop towards the White House, audiences are still hearing the reactions towards the greatest modern racist victory of all time. The president though is just one person apart of the problem, and in his latest track “Okay“, Latrell James brings attention to all politics continuing to build a divide.

James, a native Boston rapper whose breaking the scene with his guidance style lyrics, is a realist and is using his microphone skills to teach others about the struggles of life and being human. This new single is proof of that; “I ain’t got no time for the contradictions / it seems no one got no common sense here” not only references the misconceptions of simply having your pants sag and what it is perceived to white collar workers as. That specific topic of fashion, is a regular factor to how others are judged, but Latrell James points out in “Okay” that he keeps his $12/hr 9-5 job, and dresses a certain way for the respect, not the culture. 

For all the Kyle Bent, Wifisfuneral or Kendrick fans, Latrell James is the perfect addition to your playlists. Check out his discography here.

Photo | Nikas Weikert

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