Why Record Labels Objectify Women | Lady Tee The Difference

If you’re into rap with a message, steady flows that are reminiscent of 90s Hip Hop, and tracks with no “yeah” and “hey” filler chants, you need to tune in to Lady Tee The Difference.

I first came across the Inglewood-based rapper last year when she hit the stage as the featured artist at Tha Juice Joint, a unique open mic/jam session in Hollywood. Aside from her nostalgic delivery, her messages of women empowerment is what immediately stood out. She spits truth, and expresses that today is the day for women to be Heard, Respected and Acknowledged.

Her songs “In My Own Lane” and “I AIN’T YO BITCH!” are more like anthems than singles. She talks about staying true to yourself and not getting intertwined with false realities and what others expect of you. The bottom line is staying honest with yourself, not losing your integrity, and not selling out to appease the people around you. The only one you need to impress and own up to is yourself.

In late February, the much anticipated music video for “I AIN’T YO BITCH!” dropped, which solidified Tee’s stance on the need for women to stand up and let anyone know that they do not deserve to be called out their name, and it is not tolerated. It’s time to stop embracing the term “bitch” to describe a woman.

Her video showcases an all-women line up, highlighting local women businesses and accomplishments. A notable scene is the gathering of women walking on the street, similar to that of a Women’s March, while they all sing along to the song’s hook.

Lady Tee The Difference is not only a standout Rapper in her own right, a knowledgeable industry professional, but a great role model for Women of all ages and is a leader in Women’s Empowerment.

Checkout the official music video for “I AIN’T YO BITCH!” from Lady Tee The Difference.

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