Pillow Talk with LadySetGo | The Lunch Table Podcast

There’s not a lot of Asian Americans in entertainment. I can only think of a handful: Bruno Mars, DJ Noodles, Dumbfoundead, P-Lo, NIKI, Rich Brian, Russ Coson, Thuy and Krizia are all on my personal radar. My point is that there aren’t many. So when a familiar face is making her way through the music industry and is on her way to absolutely killing it, I’m going to hype her up as much as possible. I can’t take all the credit though. Jasmine found this dope DJ named Lady aka LadySetGo.

Lady has only been DJing for a year and she’s sold out venues with ever-popular reggae group Commonkings, and runs Los Angeles’ streets with Power 106’s street team. Below you’ll listen to our conversation about her quick upbringing as a disk jockey, and her experience as an Asian American trying to make it big in music:

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