KYLE Urges You To Stay Above Haters on “To The Moon”

We know KYLE ain’t been getting high, but in 2018 he’s going to the moon. The Ventura native retains his familiar sound from “iSPY”; where he’s all about enjoying life to the fullest. However a year after stitching a 2017 XXL Freshman patch over his heart, his fame and happiness comes with a price: a shit ton of haters.

I see everything, hm
I see everything, hm
I can see them niggas hatin’ from a mile away, hm
They say when they see me they gon’ say it to my face, hm

To The Moon” was produced by Sunny Norway and our boy Austin Sexton (who’s a really dope singer/songwriter so you should check his record with Demrick called “In the Morning“). The single is off KYLE’s forthcoming album. No release date has been set.

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