Kweli’s touch on Shura track


Talib Kweli touches the heartfelt track known as “Touch” by Manchester musician Aleksandra Lilah Denton, also known as Shura.

Story By: Nico “Blitz” Triunfante

Image | Polydor Records

In recent years we’ve seen rapper/international artist collaborations for cross-promotional purposes, such as Drake’s “Little Bit” remix with Lykke Li off of So Far Gone. However, Kweli takes this remix a bit deeper into the heart, sliding in clever bars that coincide with the lack-of-my-lover message the single entails.

To ensure you didn’t miss a single message from either musician, Kweli blesses YouTube with an animated word video, sending the feels for all lovers alike to relate to.



As a first time listener, Kweli’s addition to this track definitely balanced out the lows of Shura’s single. Sure, rappers tend to be a bit over the top when they make their way to an international hit, but Kweli’s verses added more detail to the picture Shura was painting.

Alone, I get the feeling that “Touch” has potential to blow the charts with more media attention, but that was part of Kweli’s purpose on the track. Grabbing the attention of hip-hop fanatics, who potentially vibed to it as I did, even slightly expand Shura’s fanbase.

But what did the media have to say about this collaboration?

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