WATCH: An Inspiring Story for Young Women | “Lights” by Krizia

It takes a strong person to get out of their comfort zone and accomplish their life goals. Krizia is thrown into that category for leaving home in Northern California, and hopping on a plane to Germany for the sake of pursuing music. During her travels overseas, she finds herself wandering the streets of Paris; one of her lifelong goals that’s documented in her music video “Lights“.

Though it’s not an RnBass record like They Outta Know” with Trevis Romell, “Lights” takes you on a journey of vibes and inspiration, proving it takes nothing but risk and will power to do anything you heart desires. The music video is a materialization of #RelationshipGoals as it features her producer/boyfriend De’la of TrakNation, who’s produced for the likes of Migos, E-40, and Eric Bellinger.

Krizia drops “Lights” right on time for Women’s Appreciation Month. Right now, it’s most important that women get a true understanding that their capabilities are equal to that of a man. Though it’s difficult for women to break through a patriarchal world, Krizia’s story is inspiring enough to help young women achieve that golden ticket.

Learn more about Krizia’s life story on our podcast.

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