The Black Mamba of Love | “Kobe” by KVLI & Aaron Miles

Retired Los Angeles Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant was known for his ability to score at will, garnering him a handful league MVPs and NBA Champion titles. His game was an unstoppable force. So when you take that game and translate it to one-on-one play in the sheets, you get a Trap/Soul piece that puts you in the mind of a a non-basketball Black Mamba.

Story | Nico Blitz

Introducing “Kobe” by the dynamic R&B duo of KVLI (aka producer Kalionthebeat) & Aaron Miles (who was recently featured in Lord Morgan‘s “More Important Than Varsity” – Article Link). Together, the two create a track appropriate for late night lovers and basketball players all around. The initial sample comes from several interviews of Bryant, and lead to an unexpected direction of sensual vibes.

Trap is definitely taking over in Hip-Hop, so it’s difficult to stand out amongst a crowd of rappers doing synonymous things. However, KVLI & Aaron Miles prove their disparity within the oversaturated genre.

Rap music stands on the foundation of storytelling. With storytelling comes metaphors, imagery, and entertainment; the overall ability to relate to a crowd through lyricism. Of course the idea of being the Kobe Bryant of sex is a simple one to grasp (not to mention NBA player references are now more commonly used in music), but to create a high quality produced single, while latching onto today’s popular genre, and throwing in a timely metaphor that pays homage to one of the greatest players in NBA history, is a bold and positive step in this rap industry.

Be on the lookout for more projects coming from both KVLI & Aaron Miles.

“Kobe” is available on Aaron Miles’ Bandcamp.

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