Coachella 2018 Spotlight: King Krule

23-year-old Archy Marshall from Southwark, London has many alter egos whenever he’s in front of the microphone. Between the aforementioned egos and the unique, eclectic sound he pushes as King Krule, the teenage heart-throbbing artist makes his way to the Coachella lineup.

If you’re not a fan of King Krule, or are looking for a reason to be, just know he’s a singer, rapper, songwriter and producer. He simply does it all. It might be difficult to find him online because of the numerous monikers he holds. For instance as a DJ he holds the name DJ JD Sports, and other nicknames include the following:

  1. Edgar the Breathtaker
  2. Zoo Kid
  3. Lankslacks
  4. The Return of Pimp Shrimp
  5. Edgar the Beatmaker
  6. Archy Marshall
  7. King Krule

As Zoo Kid, the many-named artist released a mixtape called U.F.O.W.A.V.E., in which fans donned him as the creator of a genre called Bluewave.

However, his full-length albums come under the moniker King Krule; his debut titled 6 Feet Beneath the Moon, and his sophomore titled The Ooz.

In 2015 he reverted back to his birth name Archy and he collaborated with his brother Jack on his multimedia album as Archy Marshall, titled A New Place 2 Drown. The collection includes 12 songs, a 208-page book, and a 10-minute documentary.

Below you’ll find other of my favorite records from King Krule and all his other nicknames. He tackles multiple genres under his different names. For those who like hip hop, peep out DJ JD Sports; for low-fi, Edgar the Breathtaker.

They’re super tasteful, in my opinion. Enjoy!

King Krule will be performing on the Mojave Stage at Coachella 2018 on Sunday, April 22nd.

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