Kim Celebrates Strong-Minded Women In ‘Seeking Forever’ EP

After today, I will never veer away from my opinion that recommended music is the absolute best way to find out about a new artist and/or album. Recently I’ve been Seeking Forever for a new album to get lost in – tune out my dinging of my iPhone from social media notifications, forget the cheeto-faced president we’re stuck with right now, and just listen to some beautifully produced shit. So upon leaving work, I opened my Soundcloud app and I noticed a new feature on the homescreen; “The Upload, Newly posted tracks. Just for you” – my mind was thoroughly intrigued.

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The first track was by an artist called Kim and as his new song “Remnants” began to play, I immediately wanted more, so I went to his profile and basically found a goldmine.

Kim’s early 2017 EP entitled Seeking Forever had incorporated everything I’d been looking for; 2000s Usher R&B, Kendrick Lamar’s DAMN. empowerment, and Drake’s late-night love for a girl that’s worth it. That’s the best way I can describe this album, as an everything dumped together – yet for the first time in a long time, it all works for me and my stingy preferences.

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I have always been a big critic of non-cohesive albums, but Seeking Forever made me crave additional tracks after “Block 4” ended and the instrumentals faded out. I felt appreciative of the Orlando rapper’s personal experiences that drove most of these songs, and that he recorded each life event without the content being distracting or contrarily sidelined to a loud beat. Kim Stephonsson is a true artist and as a listener you can hear the admiration for his influences and desire to do his predecessors justice.

My favorite track on Seeking Forever has got to “SpottieOttieDopest” particularly because I feel like Kim was speaking directly to girls who are not only attractive but are smart and can fend for themselves or rather are I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T.

“The game is chess, I be a King, need a queen that’s fresh / Is that you / Let me find out your face match your brain / Girl I’m crazy for smart / By the way that you string me along you be tugging on hearts / Well I’m tugging back I love Art of War”

SpottieOttieDopest” is a written kiss to the chillest girls who are still grinding every day. The importance of celebrating women who think deeply and work hard for what they believe in is not a common discussion from male rappers in the industry, so Kim has not only gained my respect musically, but personally as Seeking Forever is a great representation of his own beliefs.

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Kim has also gained recognition from artists like Trae the Truth who featured the young rapper on his album, Tha Truth Part Three. Follow his progression on Soundcloud and Instagram @Kimstephonsson.

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