Khalid Brings Out Shawn Mendes, Performs New (Unreleased) Songs on Roxy Tour

Khalid is one of my favorite R&B singers out right now. His debut album American Teen is a captivating project that time travels you back to high school — when working, rent, food, health care, and all other adulthood duties were not necessary (let’s actually omit food). He instantly found his style; his voice in the music industry and immediately stood out as this goofball who can sing his ass off and be himself.

He’s already a guaranteed legend-to-be in music, though the path to becoming legendary will come with trials and tribulations. The first trial was securing a fanbase (very easy), and the second trial is tirelessly holding his own big shows across the country.

He’s had preparation on big stages through the iHeartRadio Village and surprise performances at Coachella 2018 alongside SZA and Alina Baraz, but the Roxy Tour is meant for him to be the biggest name; for him to either minimize or flourish as an artist.

As someone who’s seen him at the aforementioned concerts, I can say that his production presence while he performs has increased tremendously. During the iHeartRadio Village in 2017, I recall the young singer grooving to his music with simple side steps. But now, he’s showcased his ability to sing and dance at the same time. I wouldn’t call it the best (especially since I believe he will enhance his dance move list), but the moon walk, shoot dance, Milly Rock, and crotch grabs definitely did the trick.

Dance moves aside, Khalid did leave the crowd with a plethora of unforgettable moments. He brought Shawn Mendes to perform their new 2018 single “Youth“. This was the first time the duo had performed the record, proving the rarity of this moment.

But that wasn’t even everything that was so iconic about this night. Later, he then performed three unreleased songs. Not one, not two, but freakin’ three new songs. It started off with a slow song that injected instant simp-feels in us, but picked up to a more uptempo product by the third and final song.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to record the second new record. But enjoy these new Khalid songs before they even have names to them:

In order for Khalid to ensure a legend-status, he has to do three things: build a fanbase, put on dope live performances, and maintain his true self throughout it all. While he’s already have one in the history books, only time will tell if he can achieve two more of these requirements.

I believe he can do it.

Photo via Khalid, Twitter

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