Kevin Abstract to hold Self-Produced Prom/Performance in Los Angeles

Do you ever miss your senior year of high school? Or even reliving prom for one night? Texas rapper Kevin Abstract is looking to answer those questions by hosting his own prom on December 15th at 8:00PM, located on 6465 Sunset Blvd Los Angeles, CA.

Story | Matthew Gonzalez

The Helmet Boy’s prom is promotion for his 2016 album American Boyfriend – a suburban love story about being gay in high school.

He leaked a promotional video containing an exclusive song that was not on the album, mentioning lyrics like: “No one told me I can think for myself, no one told me that. No one told me I can fight for myself”

However, the creation of said prom seemed inevitable. On his Tumblr page, he posted this poem on Oct 2, 2016:

beating traffic now
invite me over to your house
my mom could never know
what you were teaching me
i quit the trumpet
you’d rather me play football
i wore the cleats you liked
i was everything you wanted
the coach of my dreams
truck parked outside of your job
i’m in and I’m out
you’re happy I’m not
i wish you were fired
i wish you were dead
you like when i beg
you like when i beg
i try not to cry right in front of you
you say that’s not for men
i commend you for the most part
most break ups have a nice start
this was rough since the locker room
its only so much that a rock can do
its only so much”

Guests are allowed to RSVP for Kevin Abstract’s prom, here.

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