Kendrick Lamar’s “Alright” becomes Black Lives Matter Anthem


Political figure, KRLA radio show host, and Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro, made an appearance at Cal State Los Angeles to conduct his diversity beliefs in a seminar called “When Diversity Becomes A Problem” on Thursday, February 25. The Lunch Table took the opportunity to talk about the event and Kendrick Lamar’s influence in real world situations on Golden Eagle Radio.

Story By: Nico Blitz


University students erupted when the knowing that Shapiro would appear at one of the most diverse colleges in California, causing President Covino, the University president, to pull back on the event. However, this caused Shapiro’s supporters, Young America’s Foundation, to grow angry for the notion to deny Shapiro free speech. President Covino then took back his message, saying that he would allow Shapiro to speak.


In turn, the constant acceptance and dissent of the president caused a riot from both sides, ending up in a war that left Cal State Los Angeles students with a repetitive vehement chant, saying “We gon’ be alright!”

Here’s where Kendrick Lamar comes in. With K. Dot being one of the most influential rappers in hip hop, it gives me a nostalgic sentiment to see and hear the power someone we listen to in our cars, being applied to real life situations.


Seeing as how “Alright” was able to make its way in the Black Lives Matter movement, I’m waiting to see what more Kendrick Lamar can do to influence the world. Although both sides had great arguments — one side being against hate speech, and the others for freedom of speech — the chaos was simply something extra that I believe could have been avoided.

If we have more advocators of peace, like Kendrick Lamar, maybe a situation like this wouldn’t rise, and a more civilized and controlled environment could have been the outcome. Unfortunately, this was the outcome, and chaos, though not displayed through public actions, still resides within the lives of all those effected by the event.

My question is, who will be the next advocator of true peace?

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