Kendrick Lamar Shuts Down White Girl For Rapping N-Word on Stage

This past Sunday (May 20), Kendrick Lamar headlined the Hangout Music Festival in Gulf Shores, AL, and his set took a hard left turn. The DAMN. rapper pulled a song from his discography known as “m.a.a.d. City” and asked a white girl named Delaney to rap the entire song on stage, to which she accepted.

Her two minutes of fame quickly turned to notoriety, as she drops the N-Word three times during the hook, which is the last word of every bar within it. Kendrick immediately stopped the music and asked her to censor herself, which aggravated the crowd even more. What followed was a butchered version of the song and K. Dot declaring “It’s over.”

Let me just set this straight. Though it wasn’t anywhere near OK for Delaney to say the N-Word, but I also couldn’t help but think that Kendrick’s decision to pick her for that song, and continue to have her on stage after she’d already messed up, wasn’t the best decision to make. Now if the TDE signee wasn’t fully responsible for allowing her on stage in the first place, then partial blame should go towards who made that call.

Obviously, Delaney wasn’t thinking about how her decision to rap the N-Word on stage could have negatively effected her, but let’s also recognize that it took her and one other person to get her on stage.

But let me also say this, if she was able to get on stage and rap the entire verse without saying the N-Word, she would have gained a lot of respect from Kendrick and the crowd. Opening up that possible door, however, is walking on thin ice. And from my perspective, both Delaney and whoever decided to bring her on stage, took an L.

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