Kelechi, Shaquille O’Neal Explain Their ‘Quarter Life Crisis’ on New Music

Kelechi is going through the same feeling that hit Shaquille O’Neal before he was drafted to the Magic in 1992; the same feeling Meek Mill had prior to releasing Dreamchasers in 2011. That feeling is a Quarter Life Crisis.

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When it comes to a quarter life crisis some might ask, “What could possibly be going wrong in your 20s?” The music/entertainment industry is brutal. Realistically, your income could multiply tenfold, or you may fall in a pool of depression from the lack of monetary gain, respect from major companies, or simply not being in the position you anticipate to be in. Therefore, to witness a 9 month hiatus from Atlanta-based rapper Kelechi is perfectly reasonable.

The STNDRD founder really made a buzz for himself in December 2016. The Mountain Dew Green Label winner released his debut project Before the Quarter and made an appearance on Sway in the Morning. He’s also been pushing records with his best friend/label mate Phay, and was working on his music production on tracks like “Stride“.

It’s not like Kelechi hasn’t been creating music for the past 9 months, but after hearing his new records “Be Right Back” and “Shaquille O’Neal’s Quarter Life Crisis“, I can tell he’s been trying to break through this bubble of pressure he puts around himself.

Be Right Back” explains his story since December. After allowing his debut project to marinate, soul searching between Los Angeles and Atlanta, dealing with temptations of the industry, and not seeing eye-to-eye with record labels on his vision, he needed to refocus and find different revenues to really catapult the next project.

“I’ve been bumpin’ Meek Mill, got a nigga chasing dreams/I’ve been meeting with these labels but they don’t know what it means”

Then he drops a follow-up record titled “Shaquille O’Neal’s Quarter Life Crisis” where he asks the Diesel’s thoughts before getting into the NBA in 1992.

“When I was 13 I thought I’d be 23 with a money tree/Michael Jordan stats whenever I’m recording raps/And now I’m in the mirror, no where near where I wanna be/They said be patient, yeah the hare told the tortoise that”

Though these records are truly unique in their own ways, they tell only portions of Kelechi’s life for these past months and don’t provide a resolution to his feelings. I believe that we’ll hear that resolution when he drops Quarter Life Crisis this month. I’m expecting a story of his quick exposure in the game, which led to a depression from being at a standstill in his career, to finding his purpose that’s exemplified in his current day-to-day livelihood.

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