Get “The Itis” From Eating Booty | New Record from Kelechi & Phay

Jhene Aiko taught us to eat the booty like groceries, and since then it’s become a motto and an undying trending topic. This song must have been running through Kelechi‘s head over this past winter as he presents “The Itis“.

Coming off his season released EP Woke Up To Winter, the STNDRD rapper went into hibernation and secured one particular food in mind. As he repeats in the chorus, “eat it then sleepin’, it give me the Itis”, he lays down a sexual scenario on this audio dinner plate. His best friend Phay pops in the second half of the single for his own outlandish verse:

The Itis” is hella entertaining to me because of the topic and beat choice. I’ve come to realize that the Georgia-based artists like to fuck around over songs like this, which leads to an unforgettable hit. Imagine if they made a collaborative project… Seriously, if Kelechi & Phay come out one I’m buy that shit in a heartbeat. Phaylechi anybody?

Anyways I guess the moral of the story is to eat some booty, fall asleep, and have a nice day. Also, listen to the entirety of Kelechi’s Woke Up To Winter EP on SoundCloud.

Image via Kelechi, Twitter

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