Police: Largest Gang in America, Explained in “Bang With Us” by Kelechi

Think of the largest gang in your area. How would you describe them? Is there a uniform? As explained in “Bang With Us“, Kelechi sees the largest, most threatening gang in America as the boys in blue; and certainly its not the crips.

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As the third record off his upcoming project Quarter Life Crisis, “Bang With Us” is his two verse single that explicates the bounty over blacks in America. Kelechi equivocates the police as the most populated gang in America due to the endless occurrences of blue-on-black shootings. He speaks from their perspective throughout the entire record:

“Serve and protect? Nah we murk and neglect/My gang bang MLK out in Memphis, Rodney King, now Ferguson next”

None of this is speculation. In recent years we’ve witnessed the deaths of Trayvon Martin and countless blacks across the nation, which gave birth to Black Lives Matter, Colin Kaepernick’s decision to take a knee as a symbol against police brutality, and rappers like Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole to stand behind Kap’s movement.

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Kelechi isn’t just another rapper for the nation to listen to because of his stance on police brutality. Though there are multiple hip hop records that express hate for Donald Trump and impose middle fingers to police, speaking from the perspective of the police and how Kelechi feels they view blacks is something that hasn’t been done before.

“My gang turn St. Louis to Baghdad/My gang can turn to fitted to snap backs/Turn truth into lies, and kids into threats/My bullets turn niggas to hashtags”

However, this wasn’t the first time officials were labeled as gang members. Kelechi uses the intro to 2Pac’s “Revolution“, proving that nothing has changed since the 90s (and before then).

“I think this country was built on gangs. Republicans, Democrats, The police department, the FBI, the CIA. Those are gangs! I had correctional officer tell me straight up: “We the biggest gang in New York State.” Straight up” – 2Pac on “Revolution

But why is this on Quarter Life Crisis? I can only imagine what Kelechi goes through as a black man in the United States. Though we all live in fear from natural disasters and life threatening situations and humans, I do believe blacks have it worse in this country, which perfectly explains why the STNDRD founder is going through a quarter life crisis.

Kelechi will continue releasing singles off his sophomore opus in weeks to come.

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