KayCyy and Lexii Alijai Confess Love Interests in “Say You Do”

19-year-old independent artist, KayCyy raps about what it means to keep your word in “Say You Do” featuring Lexii Alijai. He starts off rapping about the troubles with his significant other but reassures that despite the arguments, he still needs her around.

Story | Alyssa San Agustin

“Still need you around, still need you to hear my lines. Cause I gave you my heart and soul, that don’t come with refunds.”

KayCyy goes deeper to open up about the core of relationships. Just because arguments and disagreements happen, it shouldn’t be the only sole grounds to end something. When it gets hard, you don’t just push away. Instead he shows what’s really needed is to love deeper.

“Can you love me like the 80’s and show me that it’s real. Like you said you do…like you said you do.”

Lexii Alijai then jumps on the track and goes to back up KayCyy’s word. Spittin’ about failed relationships then reflects on the amazing one she has.

The song is a great message about love and relationships. You enter with an open heart and spill your feelings and promises to each other. When times get rough it’s important to remember those words and carry out the promises like you said you would.

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