Kanye West walks off stage halfway through Saint Pablo Tour in LA

Yeezy is currently on tour all around the nation to showcase his latest album The Life of Pablo. From New York to making stops in Chicago, Atlanta, and California, he is giving all of his concertgoers a taste of the old Kanye and new Kanye.

Story | Taylor Preza

Those who attended last night’s concert at the Forum in Los Angeles had the true Mr. West experience when he decided to call it off halfway through his performance because he was starting to lose his voice.

For many, this was a huge disappointment because it was his last night in Los Angeles and they were expecting for it to end with a big bang. But instead, fans got the back of Kanye as his floating stage glided away from them.

“I’m sorry. Give them all refunds,” Kanye said. “I’m sorry, I love you and I promise to do better next time.”

Hundreds of fans stormed out of the Forum, some even chanting “F*ck Kanye!”

Those were the fans that thought that they might have missed out on the Kanye experience. Now, what most did not realize was that this was a total Mr. West experience.

From the rapper-turned-fashion guru selling merchandise such as a simple black baseball cap that read “Saint Pablo” for nearly $40 to cutting his concert short because he can, this was a true new Kanye experience.

And let us not forget, this was his 6th night performing in Los Angeles within 10 days from October 25-November 3. This was the big bang that got everyone talking about the last night of his tour in LA.

With 62 total stops on his tour, and Los Angeles being the 39th, he still has 23 left.

If anyone attends his very last show in Brooklyn on December 31st, let us know what happens.

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