Kanye West & T.I. Argue Political Views on New Record

Kanye West is making statements across the internet, and his minimally lyrical release “Lift Yourself” song is followed up by another record that talks about his feelings towards President Trump: “Ye VS. The People“.

Power 106 premiered the new single on Justin Credible’s Liftoff show. Since then, Twitter has been storming with a barrage of videos and for those who don’t have the radio dial, they’ve been playing it for an entire hour – straight.

The record seems to recall the day spent between T.I. and Kanye West. The two spent the day together, and created this record in order to shed light on Kanye’s political views, and T.I.’s point of view (which is essentially the viewpoint of the people).

But enough talk. Listen to “Ye VS. The People” on Power 106.

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