J’von is an Animator, Rapper, Producer, and Pretty Much Everything!

As an indie-artist you have to worry about producing, songwriting, vocal delivery, aligning yourself with other brands and visual aesthetic. Basically everything. The challenge of prioritizing visual self branding to differentiate yourself is a challenge in itself which takes a lot of self-sacrifice from the other ventures. Ask J’von, he knows everything about this.

Oakland born, Seattle raised artist J’von wrote, produced and is a creative art director for his cartoon alter ego “Catman”. Through “Catman” he describes a story of triumph, love and character development. On his animated short film Potato, there is a guest appearance from Quasimoto (the visual cartoon persona of MC Madlib), which saves him from being attacked by a vicious creature.

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J’von’s guitar playing cartoon persona Catman sings a song for his crush “Yono” on lil phantom yellow toon.

His experimental sound blends rap and R&B over Gameboy-sounding beats. Check out his 2017 project Yellowsuit where he references his favorite animes like Yu Yu Hakusho and Xiaolin Showdown.

Check out his animation drawings of Catman here.

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