Text Message Acronyms In A 4-Track EP: ‘Text Talk’ by Juto (Review)

Have you ever shorthand-texted your significant other? Do you think acronyms hurt your intended message (in some cases they might just be explaining that you have no time for them)? Well the next artist Juto makes a 4-track EP called Text Talk; a sequence of stories describing modern-day relationships.

The track names are in accordance to the text shorthand:

HML: “Hit my line”

IMY: “I miss you”

BTW : “By the way”

LOL: “Laugh out loud”

On “HML” Juto describes a story of modern courtship and texting a girl at late night to come over and spend time together:

“It’s getting late but I still just come on over/Watching some movies, drinking sodas out on my sofa/Was just at yours but invited you to mine/Hit my line, baby, hit my line”

Look, he talks about two things: passing time as a couple through recreational activies and wasting life simultaneously. Life hits you with a double-edged sword when it comes to relationships.

Then he gets into “IMY”, where Juto scrolls through his phone after hours and consequently finds a picture of his ex… Damn. This leads to an “I miss you” text, and you can figure out the rest.

BTW” might explain why the two are separated. From being an overprotective lover, and after hitting up his ex and finding out that she’s taken, he’s left in a very unfortunate situation as he raps:

Chill out young man, don’t get hectic/She’s mine now boy, and get to steppin’/Ease off man, don’t be selfish/he’s my girl now, don’t forget it (x4)”

Lastly on “LOL”, it’s his confessional feelings as a post-breakup single person who makes an effort to gain attention from his ex who doesn’t care. Sometimes you just gotta laugh about the situation and make the best out of it:

“Yeah, ain’t it kinda funny/Ain’t it kinda sad/Cause you got that new nigga/And he treats you bad”

Juto’s songs are very relatable to anyone, especially Millennials who are into social media (and are decent texters). At times acronyms explain how short-tempered we are, our short attention spans, and the proficient use of our time. And just like this EP, it’s short enough to keep our attention, but conscious enough to utilize our time at its best.

Speaking of time, if you enjoy Daniel Caesar, Steve Lacy, and Cuco, you’ll like Juto for sure.

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