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Cover artists are the unsung heroes of music. They’ll drop renditions of past and contemporary hits and (hopefully) mix their personal flavor into the track. But the potential demise of a cover artist is revealed after this one question: “Where is their own music?”

Yes, cover artists can easily skyrocket their career in the beginning, but without any fuel to reach the moon, many eventually flop. Infinitely recycling today’s hits for fuel only reveals a lack of creativity and personal implementation.

Although he grew singing songs from T-Pain, Chris Brown, and whatever was on the karaoke machine during family functions, Justin Park decided to use personal life experiences and test his songwriter abilities on R&B and Hip Hop classics (like “LOYALTY.” by Kendrick Lamar or “Honey” by Kehlani), making any familiar song sound like his own.

Born in Pasadena, California, Justin Park came from a Korean-American household, but grew with a dismantled family and was grouped with inconsistent friends from constantly switching schools. At that point he was left with becoming self-destructive or optimistic.

Upon our first meeting, he happily greeted me and expressed thanks for an interview that was scheduled for a week later. I couldn’t help but appreciate his gratefulness and excitement for our conversation to-be, and I would eventually learn of his past and its positive effect on his current state of mind.

He simply wants to create music to fuel his optimism and inspire positivity to his fans. His positivity is reminiscent of Naruto Uzumaki — an anime ninja who’s extroverted personality translates to the passion he has for his art.

In our interview with Justin Park, he gives a backstory to the creation of his singles from “XL Uber” to “Dates in LA”, the upbringing of Asian entertainers, and how his Naruto mindset inspires his aspirations of becoming one of the greatest singers known to man.

Justin Park’s debut album is scheduled to release in 2018 under 5A Label. Check out our interview with Demie the Destroyer, the label’s second signee.

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