“Jungle” | Jhon Myquale’s Story of Camouflaged Love

Ruthless. Survival. Adventure. Three words used to describe a jungle that, if born into one, can drastically define a person. For instance, the concrete jungle citizens of New York are defined as individuals who are able to make their own rules with no repercussions. But when you’re left into a situation where your origin is unknown, you’re left without roots or a concrete ‘jungle’ that defines you.

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This idea is derived from Chicago MC Jhon Myquale on his latest single “Jungle” featuring Matt James; a tale of a man who meets a woman aspiring to make a name out of herself in his neighborhood.

“You killed a mockingbird and towed it to the mountain”

Jhon is aware his lover isn’t Chicago born, or at least she didn’t grow up in the same neighborhood as he did. She began to mimic the MC’s mindset–his roots summed up to his actions and lifestyle–as he tries to explain to her how different their lives actually are.

However, the second verse attempts to leak synonymous information on the livelihood of both parties. This is when the second verse line “Same design but cut from different fabrics” comes into play, explaining that though the two have similar experiences, they will ultimately never be the same.

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“Jungle” is a love story camouflaged behind relaxed, smooth lyricism and an instrumental tantamount to boom bap beats. It’s a conscious rap track that needs a couple listens to grasp any sort of interpretation, and in the end, any of our takes on this song could be very correct or incorrect.

Like a musical jungle its easy to get lost in the rhythm of this beat and dulcet vocals, but it finds a way to maintain your attention to want to look deeper and find what’s within its depths. A music video of “Jungle” by Jhon Myquale is currently in the works. Keep Myquale on your radar.

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