The Everyday Battle Between You and Yourself: “Too Perceptive” by Julian Thomas

Second guessing yourself is one of the most harmful acts you can do. When our natural instincts are triggered it’s foolish to swim against the wave despite the internal battle it comes with. You may never get where you want, but you won’t get hurt. You might face rejection, but you won’t get hurt. See where this is going? We get caught up in what could be, but aren’t willing to fight for it. Every fight comes with retaliation, and that’s exactly what you’ll learn on “Too Perceptive“.

This is the latest single from Toronto-based rapper Julian Thomas, who invokes raw lyrics about being underestimated when it comes to the rap game. Produced by FrancisGotHeat, who’s accredited for artists like Drake, Big Sean and Lil Uzi Vert, Julian tackles his undying urge for respect by going head-to-head with his biggest adversary: himself.

“This is the song I wrote to remind myself that I shouldn’t apologize for what I’ve done or where I’ve been either, because I spent a lot of time second guessing my instincts,” Thomas says. “I come to terms with certain paranoias, insecurities, and reflect on why they exist. This was me trying confidently to invite you into my past for a few minutes.”

Watch the music video for “Too Perceptive” above, and listen to it on all streaming platforms.

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