It’s “Jubilee Year” and Curtiss King Is Out to Get His

Hardships are something everyone deals with in one form or another; relationships, work, finances, the struggle doesn’t discriminate. But this is the year of jubilation and you need to go out and get what’s yours. That’s what Inland Empire artist Curtiss King believes on his new song “Jubilee Year”:

“I mean, go figure/I read a book that changed my life that year called the Go Giver/And that was December/Now I’m back for everything that you owe, no kidding”

Story | Adam Douglas

The video directed by Nabeyin features Curtiss taking a moment to self-reflect. Produced by OhGoshLeotus, he goes in over the pad and synth heavy instrumental, speaking on his recent successes in Hip Hop. He comes to the realization that there can be no winner in such a self-serving game:

“November 27th after leaving Murs’ show,
Walking Downtown Disney alone in my pea coat,
I noticed a depression I suppressed inside,
For over thirty years man there’s weight to my eyes so I cried”

Despite his setbacks and internal struggles, Curtiss has managed to realign himself with his purpose in Hip Hop. Not only is he an artist and producer, but has gone on to do something more selfless by becoming an artist consultant. On Curtiss’ YouTube channel he gives young entrepreneurs advice from building websites and marketing music, to properly executing a feature.

Curtiss King’s new album Jubilee Year is entirely produced by OhGoshLeotus and is set to release on December 2nd. If Jubilee Year sounds anything like the title track, then it’s definitely worth the listen.

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