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Beginnings are the most interesting part of any story. Our individual destinies root back to two individuals who planted the seed and further influenced our lifestyles, fostering growth in the body and mind. A prime example of this comes from Inland Empire disc jockey Juventino Monteon Jr., better known as Jr-TRON.

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Born May 8, 1993, the West Covina/El Monte native was influenced by his father to become the Hip-Hop, Latin, and overall good vibe mixing DJ he is today. Young Juventino was assigned as the equipment manager for his father, who was known for playing a variation of Latin music and 80s dance hits within his community.

“I always had the best moments when my father would control the crowd by talking on the mic and playing music for the people to dance to. I was always amazed on how my father knew what the people wanted to hear just by feeling the vibe of the event and trying new things within his sets.”

However, his father knew that eventually times would change along with the music; that’s when he appointed his son to play Hip-Hop for the younger crowd. At 13, Juventino Jr. began burning CDs of his favorite music to play at gigs.

“Though I wasn’t as good and my mixing was horrible, it still made me learn from my mistakes. Just the fact that I was still new to all, I was still dedicated because I loved seeing people having a good time and spreading good vibes.”

At that point Juventino Jr. took up the name Jr-TRON, inspired by the Transformers comic books.

“I am a huge comic book and cartoon fan. I was always fascinated by the Transformers and how they seem to appear as one thing but transform into something epic, which is something I came up with my middle name ‘Jr’ and added ‘TRON’ to the end of it just showing how my DJ alter ego is different.”

Since Juventino Jr’s transformation into Jr-TRON, the West Covina disc jockey has performed in weddings, Sweet 16s and private boat parties to name a few, all around the San Gabriel Valley, Hollywood and Inland Empire.

“My most notable performance was when I entered DJ competition for 99.1 KGGI, a Hip-Hop radio station out in the IE. The competition was Pepsi: Battle of the Beats and was able to go through one round, got sent to the final round, but unfortunately got placed in 2nd place. It was still notable for me because it gave me the experience, I learned a lot from other DJs, and most importantly learned from my mistakes.”

Jr-TRON is also the show host for Golden Eagle Radio’s Soulversity. Combining the words “soul” and “diversity”, the show surrounds the idea of taking listeners out of their element and presenting them with sampled music, and worldwide indie artists.

Music aside, he’s a family oriented man who enjoys spending time at parks, beaches, and theme parks, and gets away into the sports world when watching the LA Dodgers, Los Angeles Lakers – Kobe Era – Golden State Warriors, 49ers, and Barcelona.

One fun fact about Jr-TRON:

“I talk to myself a lot when I am doing long drives but as crazy as this sounds it actually helps to remember a lot of things that need to be done.”

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