jQuelz Invites Intimate Conversation in New Single ‘Rain’

Since the beginning of 2017, California was hit with its worst storms in years, evidently ending the drought in the Bay Area according to ABC7. On January 9th, jQuelz dropped an Instagram snippet of herself singing a song called ‘Rain’ with the caption “Just a little somethin for these rainy days.” That song, inspired by nothing other than the rain that hit the Bay Area, finally surfaced as her new single.

Story | Nico Blitz

With the ability to make a rainy day much more appealing, ‘Rain’ explains the scenarios that the Bay Area singer yearns for that’s far from Netflix & Chill. Rather, through her eyes, it’s pizza and an intimate conversation that makes the day worth it. Symbolically, the day is a refresher to the mind that washes away any insecurities and personal dirt, just as the rain washes the earth.

“Let’s order pizza, throw a movie on/ share and discuss our favorite songs/ Tell me stories of your childhood/ The silly things, the sadder things, your journey to adulthood”

Being in Los Angeles, the rain is one thing I truly miss. There isn’t a need to layer my clothes, double my socks, or a reason to stay inside. But what I’ve grown to miss is how the rain can slow time, or when the raindrops hit the window you get a sense of calmness and tranquility. Or realizing how despite humanity’s differences, we’re all under the same umbrella with the chance of feeling the aforementioned senses.

Hopefully we get synonymous feelings with a new jQuelz project. It’s been over a year since her debut EP The Existence, and in between time she’s been busy with local shows and features on other projects. ‘Rain’ may be the introduction to a new project she has in mind, but meanwhile enjoy every second of it.

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