Jpaulished Begs the Question ‘What About Love?’ for Casual Hookups

Being friends with benefits can have you walking a thin and complicated line, asking questions like: Are you friends? Dating? Or is this something more? It’s a situation some of us find all too familiar, but what happens when you find yourself catching feelings for this person? 21-year old up and comer Jpaulished raises these questions in his latest track, “What About Love?”.

Story | Zara Hurtado

The young rapper shows the often overlooked romanticism of a hook up along with the uncertainty of one with lines like:

“Have you ever thought about love/Maybe we can have it/Instead of every 4 a.m. night on the mattress/Baby, real love/Maybe we can have it/Because you’re the only one that matters to me/Hope that you feel the same status”

“What About Love?” shows the potential Jpaulished has as a songwriter from his direct take on love with lines like, “Hope you feel the brainwaves/ cause I been thinkin’ about your ass/Like all night/All day,” to his subtle pop culture references to Star Wars, Justin Bieber and other celebrities throughout the track.

Where he really shows his strength as a songwriter is the honesty of “What About Love?”. Jpaulished walks us through the stages of having a fling with someone, realizing you can’t get them out of your head, accepting that you’re in love with them and now, fearing that they won’t reciprocate your feelings.

“What About Love?” is a track for the friendzoned, the romantics, and those trying to get lucky in love. Make sure you don’t sleep on this newcomer, follow him on Twitter for more on his latest tracks.

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