Boston rapper, Joyner Lucas is known for confidently covering topics such as suicide and domestic violence in his first album 508-507-2209 and previous mixtapes, and by adding this new single “I’m Not Racist, Lucas has become untouchable as an artist. In his most recent visionary, Lucas attacks white supremacy and racial misconceptions from both the perspective of a white and black man.

“We were all humans until race disconnected us, religion seperated us, politics divided us, and wealth classified us.”

Lucas’ influential storytelling transforms a rundown warehouse into an educational center for racism in his latest single. While Joyner Lucas is not physically in the video himself, his experiences as a racially-mixed man is presented through both characters who beautifully lip-sync bars written by the rapper. “I’m Not Racist” is not the first song Joyner has approached inequality (listen to “Half Ni**er”) to portray the anger and hatred built in our brain towards the opposite race.

Each perspective character presents misconceptions through their lines such as poverty cycles, drug use & selling, misuse of governmental benefits, slavery impact, stealing hip hop culture, and language choice. As arguments are presented through Joyner’s voice, the conversation shifts from wanting to “f**k the world with a Make America Great Again condom” and not having sympathy; to a mutual understanding that unfortunately does not happen as organically offscreen.

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As the track closes, both men hug each other deeply and are believed to have begun a more open-minded lifestyle in which they will be less judgemental and willing to meet and know another individual of the opposite race. An optimism that can only be hoped for in a Donald Trump-ran country.

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