You’ll Get ‘Lost & Found’ With Jorja Smith’s Debut Album

Jorja Smith, the rising star that gave us Project 11 back in 2016, is here with her highly anticipated debut album Lost & Found and it’s a soulful coming-of-age story.

The lines “Why do we all fall down with innocence still on the ground / Why do we all fall down and apart on the lost and found,” set the tone for the Walsall native’s latest project, on a song of the same name. Begging the question, are we truly ready to grow up and be out on our own in the world?

If you’re anything like the person Jorja is writing about you’ve got a lot to learn beforehand. On the project’s second track “Teenage Fantasy” in her fervent voice she sings, “You weren’t the boy I thought I knew,” and paints a picture of the teenage relationship that gets steady warnings from your family members and friends. She does seem to turn that advice into action by verse two with, “I need to grow and find myself before I let somebody love me / Because at the moment I don’t know me.” An important message for the kids who feel like they need a relationship to define them.

In addition there’s the album’s stand out single “Blue Lights“, which as we know is about police inaction and friendship. And with “Lifeboats (Freestyle)” we see a somewhat political stance with the hypocrisy of the privileged being called out.

By the end of the album it seems this person realizes that they may always need someone to turn to, no matter how badly independence is craved. The image of the person Jorja portrayed throughout Lost & Found can be anyone who is just merely trying to figure it all out, herself included because as she tells Julie Adenuga of Beats 1, “it sums me up pretty well, lost and found.” 

Listen to Jorja Smith’s Lost & Found here: 

Photo courtesy | @jorjasmith_ X @rashidbabiker

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